When you go into a B race you can really make it a B race. From the start using the new triathlete apple watch app and starting in T1 instead of the swim, to forgetting that my derauiler is set for the trainer and not for the actual road bike. Then a slow-ish transition and not understanding the course (there was only one major turn bouy and I had raced the bike course from the year before on the trainer). But I made up time on lap 2 of the bike and then dropped a solid 41 min 10k, only 30s off my PR for the distance leading to the second fastest Olympic tri thus far. I mean it was a mile shorter on the bike and couldn’t be flatter for a run, but still... killed it. Only room to race faster next year.

This was my first tri with my nutrition coach too. That part of race day went perfectly. Salt tab before race and at T2. Cliff bar in the morning and gel at T2. Nuun in water bottle. And plenty of carb loading three days before... except those carbs weren’t the best. From subway the night before because that was all that was open and pizza the night before that. The food wasn’t high quality but it met the needs. No gastro-intestinal pain and no cramping! Now to just get some more sleep for the next one and fix some of the dumb technical mistakes.