Solving everyday problems

This section features many of the things that I have worked on throughout my time as an engineer. From stainless steel to software, I have taken on some pretty cool challenges that scale from headphones to the Semantic Web


Battery Case



Silicone Case

In-Ear Headphones

UK Power Supply

Headphone with Remote

USB Charge Cable

MIT 2.009 Product Development Class

For my senior year capstone project at MIT, we developed a new bathroom fixture that would allow the elderly to shower without using that terribly awkward hose. I designed the plumbing and the chair mechanism.

OWLdb - Bringing the semantic web to the real world

For my senior thesis I worked on a project to understand how to use OWL relational systems and integrate them into a standard SQL database. I created a tool called OWLdb that will allow the user to take an ontology and build a structured database. That ontology could then be used to make OWL level queries off the database in the SPARQL format. The end goal? Creating relational databases where common words are actually linked in meaning allowing you to search across multiple tables with a guarantee of what the syntax means.

Check out the thesis here .


For four years, I worked on the MIT ROV Team. We created four robots, one of which got second place in the International MATE ROV competition. I personally developed a video switching system, an improved sealing mechanism for our motors, and kROV, a fully graphic user interface control system that runs on the mac. The control system even allowed the user to take a Wii remote to control the robot, even though we never used it in competition. Also, in my last year, I was team president and helped teach many of the younger students as well as completing my own tasks. In my final competition I won the Martin Bowen Mechanical Inspiration for Future Engineers Award.

See more pictures below:

2006 Robot

Robot in action

Team electrical test station

Custom Contra-Rotating Thrusters