Yep, did all my racing in 2020 in a week.   I mean it’s 2020 so why not?  

I had not realized that Bay to Breakers would schedule their virtual race the same week as the Santa Cruz Triathlon, but when you have to do races, just go for it.   Also, wasn’t planning on having a fire in Napa this week blowing smoke all across the Bay Area, but again, just go for it.

So instead of a nice zippy flat course with a solid warm up and food/cheering/nakedness on the way, I did a more leisurely run from home adding enough length to hit the distance.   7:33 pace felt good for the longest run I have done so far this year and though much slower than normal B2B time, I had much more hills.   Summit road can eat Hayes hill’s butt!   Till next year.