From the back of Heidi’s cabin in Colorado, you have a great view of a little mountain. To most people, it would be just fine to sit there and enjoy the view, but I wasn’t satisfied. I decided we had to climb it. So getting to a late start at 11am, we left for a quick climb. This was the first time I had ever experienced bouldering, talus, and some light class 3 climbing, but it was a true blast. After a quick jaunt up 1200’ to the peak at around 9000’, we had a fantastic view of the Poudre river and all of the valley around.

I look forward to our next romps in Colorado, but this mountain will always have the most meaning as it being the first summit I ever climbed. Oh yeah, and I got to climb it with my gorgeous fiance... always a perk.

A view from the mountain across the valley

Heidi at our first talus field