Ah, under the sea this time. From the trips above 14,000 feet, I started 2010 off below 60 feet. John and I took two sets of dives at St. Thomas to begin the new year right.

The first dive was to a cement tanker that had sank to 92’ of depth. The tanker was made out of cement simply to prevent it from decaying. Fortunately, the deck was at 60’, so I didn’t have to get too out of my league. It was pretty awesome seeing my first real wreck dive and getting to explore all the nooks and crannies that had opened up when it sank.

The second dive was to the Navy Barges right outside of Charlotte Amelie. There, a series of barges had existed for the US navy to provide extra housing on an island that didn’t have enough places to stay. The barges were at a mere 30’ allowing for a fantastic natural reef to form. We saw puffer fish, a ray, and lots of other tiny guys to go with.

My last dive of the trip was three days later. This time we sailed out of Secret Harbor with Aqua Action. The dive was to a series of rocks called calf and cow. Calf was a great dive with a lot of neat over hanging rocks to dig into. From the porcupine urchins to the drum fish, the views were great. If only my little under water iPod nano case could have hung tight. I unfortunately had to miss out due to a little too much alcohol the night before, but hopefully we will be able to make it out next year.

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