This was the last race of a tough year of injury. The groin had settled down enough to try and go for it and I had been saving up endurance to get ready for it.

The race itself was a fun ride back into it. The swim was surprisingly short (must have placed the bouys wrong) so I had an exceptionally short swim time. The bike was great minus being a little slow. The biggest issue was there were a few un-controlled intersections at the end I had to slow down for. Cause for a few lost seconds as some other guys blasted through. The views were fantastic and not super hilly.

The run was where I could feel the loss. Only pulling off 7:40s I knew that it is going to take some time to get back into it. I was passed by two runners at the 2 mile mark and was never able to close ground. The run on the beach was epic though and the sand was surprisingly hard. We even passed a flock of horses running next to us.

Overall a fun way to end the season with fantastic views. Now to finish healing up and try again next year.