Not supposed to be a big race, sandman triathlon proved to be an awesome experience and I performed way better than expected. Definitely not attacking the swim start proved valuable to not freak out, and then I still managed to get an 18 min 1200 yard swim in which is right on pace. The bike was not as hilly as the trainer predicted, shaving time to 39 minutes despite having to deal with traffic (ugh). The run was a solid 6:49 pace and it was only 3.75 miles of sand running even though the website said 4. I felt really slow and groggy running, but in the end I think it was the sand. With two sub-1 minute transitions overall race time was 1:24:17 which knocked out my expected race time by 6 minutes (was aiming for 1:30).

The good: relaxed into the swim start and a solid bike

Next time for better: practice running on sand!